Tuesday, 17 April 2012

RE- test!! I want it to be happen in my actual life!

Past few weeks were damn hectic and hot.As we all were enjoying our "SPRING FIESTA",no one noticed that we came to year end.
                   Obviously it was followed by submissions and term test. Past weeks were just entangled into write-ups checking , term test preparation (REALLY?? :D) and term test.Now as we just ended up with the one and only term test of this semester , a new time table posted on our face!! RE-Term test!!!Term test is matter of joking for all of us . Re-test is more than that!भाई जो term test मे कर   नही पाए वो Re-test मे क्या उखाड लेंगे??Conducting Re-test is just waste of time & paper! Let it be.
                  I took off today and rested a bit! Some rare moments!! Then with a cup of tea in a hand,I went to my garden to get some fresh air.Experienced a fresh evening there.Today was somhow different atmosphere.I enjoyed it.
   While absorbing the silence and sunset magic,"RE"-test thought came up in my mind! Why we have re-test in college? Just to make sure that the mistakes done previously should get corrected and we should proceed (ideally)with a pass stamp.A second chance given to get your academic stuff back on track.Then the vary next question I asked myself is 'why just we don't get a Re-test for real life?' 

             Life is a chain of never ending tests.Some skip,some face,some win,some lose.Sometimes a situation goes out of your hand and you are left to only watch it silently.Sometime you lose a relation just because of bad ego.Moments you missed in life won't come back.Everybody feels that he/she should have got a second chance.

  A second chance given to an engineer (who is best at music than engineering) to select his own field of interest will change his entire life.A chance to a mad lover to propose ON time is the thing which he might want to do.A person who's Last stage  cancer is detected would be the most happy to get the second chance.He will LIVE the moments with his dear one's.

Why we can't have second chance??? WHY WHY WHY??
The dialogue with myself came to an abrupt end when I took a sip and came to know that cup was empty.Really If I had a second chance I would have enjoyed it once again..I went back to fill my empty cup with refreshing tea!

Friends,Life is just about that !!! Feel the cup of joy with the drink of positivity and simplicity whenever it gets empty.You won't need the second chance then!

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